Bird Watching

With around 230 endemic bird species in the area, even the untrained eye will quickly spot several of our feathery residents. We can also arrange a guided birding experience.


Mountain Biking

Discover the mountain trails and the area’s beauty (and challenges) by bike.  We also offer guided rides (see Special Experiences: Mountain Biking & Apple Pie).


Explore the fynbos landscapes of the farm and its surroundings at your own pace along beautiful hiking trails.



Enjoy a revitalising swim and zip-line in our secluded spring-fed dam, surrounded by the peace and tranquility of nature.



Enjoy exploring the farm’s beautiful space and fynbos on horseback. You can also bring your own horse and we can pasture her/him with tlc. 

Special Experiences

Horse-facilitated Coaching

The rewards for opening oneself to this experience are personal insights that are difficult to achieve in other circumstances. See more under The Dancing Horse 



Cheese-making Workshop

We will follow the whole cheese-making process from milking the goats to learning the methods for creating a variety of cheeses.


Full-senses Experience

Hear, See, Smell, Touch, Taste and 6th Sense our Overberg surroundings.  Your senses will be tickled and delighted.


Mountain Biking & Apple Pie

Our very own experienced cyclist, Gerd, offers guided mountain biking trails in our area which are personalised according to your wish.