The Dancing Horse

The impact of working with horses is often difficult to understand or explain. However, with the guidance of a good facilitator, horses are wonderfully effective in bringing us powerful and clear self-realisations. Because horses depend on their inherent heightened awareness, as well as herd co-operation, our interaction with them can bring us fresh and profound understanding of ourselves, the way we work, and the way we function with other people.

The rewards for opening oneself to this experience are personal insights that are difficult to achieve in other circumstances.

Horses reflect our behaviour objectively. They are capable of shining a light on our behavioural strengths or difficulties. They can raise our awareness and help us transform any self-restricting patterns. Working with them we are able to improve our self-esteem, self-confidence, problem-solving, communication and leadership skills. The greater clarity about the qualities we need to develop to be effective can be put into practice immediately.

The Dancing Horse workshops are run by Kirsten Neke (Ph.D.).

“Kirsten’s sessions are deeply personal and positively catalytic”.

E, a nurse practitioner

No prior experience of horses is required and the workshops do not involve horse riding. As the workshops are highly personalised to the individual or group needs, rates vary and are available on request.